Why You Need a Bike

A bike is a two-wheeled form of transport invented in early days to ease human porterage. It can carry a maximum of two people, the rider and the passenger or the luggage. The rear wheel and the front wheel are of the same size. It has pedals joined to a chain which helps for cycling. It also has a bell and brakes for slowing down.
You need a bike to gain skills. Riding requires skills in order not to injure yourself when riding or cycling. You must gain skills when to apply brakes and how to ring the bell. To know how a bike works, you need one.


Regardless of its size, the bike can be used for transportation. The bike can be used to transport either people to their destinations it can also be used to transport goods/luggage over short distances where other forms of transport are not available or they are available but expensive indeed compared to the use of a bike.
Remote areas are very difficult to access by use of vehicles. Due to this inaccessibility of those places, one needs a bike which will be efficient in moving in those places where other forms of transport are not available. For example, places which are not accessible by vehicles, a bike can be of a better use. The bike does not require wide paths to move along.

Keeping Fit

Another crucial point why you need a ladies cruiser is for   exercises. You need not to go to gym as long as you have a bike. When pedaling a bike, one has to stretch his/her legs. The movement of the legs brings the relaxation of the body. Riding up a hilly ground or a long distance is very health for one’s body exercises.


Another common reason why you need a bike is for fun. One can ride a bike for fun on a leisure time, one can get a bike and ride around for relaxation of the body and mind and the body become refreshed. You can ride alone or with a friend using one bike or each having his/her own bike.

Professional Sports

Another important reason why you need a bike, it is because of the use of bikes in sports. Bike cycling is a popular sports competition in many countries. Cycling can be done in a field where the competitors must cycle for the required lapse in the field. There is also road cycling where the competitors have to ride for many kilometers in order to finish the bike race. This attract many sportsmen in various categories.


For income generation. You can have bikes for hire or a single bike which you can be hiring people in turns. By doing so, you will have income from your customers who will be hiring you bike(s) for transport or for just riding. You can charge your customers either according to the time they will stay with your bike or the distance and the types of goods being transported.
A bike is more economical compared to a motorbike or even a car. A bike does not require fuel and this saves the capital which the owner would otherwise could have used to buy the fuel. It requires also less energy to ride. When compared to a vehicle or other forms of transport or for travelling, you will find that a bike is economical.
It is evident that one needs a bike to be able to perform the day to day activities. It is also very important to conclude that as the bike does not use fuel hence has no emissions and hence is environment friendly.