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Why people still use travel agents in 2021

With a massive increase in technology, booking flights yourself is as quick and simple as a few taps on your smartphone. Booking hotels? There’s an app that can book you discounted rooms right now with two taps on your device. So, why would anyone still use a travel agent in 2021?

That’s not a terrible question. It has an interesting answer, and you’ll soon learn that the most frequent flyers and travellers, and big corporations alike, make use of travel agencies.

In this article, we’ll tell you just why you should consider using a travel agency for your next vacation. To find travel agencies in your area or for your specialist holiday adventure, here is a list of travel agencies reviews.

Finding specialist help and answers to your questions is difficult when ordering something online at most online shops. But being able to pick up the phone to call for help is so valuable. That’s why you’ll find the Go Groopie contact number on their website, ready to answer your query.

A travel agent is your advocate. They’re your first contact in case of emergencies on your holiday. They’re the people that have contacts in your area that can help, that can provide support. In cases of problems with lost baggage, or an overbooked flight, or problems with your hotel, they are geared up to help. Travel agents have insight into the places they recommend you to stay, and sometimes, they’ve even stayed in those same places too.

You might see 100 different hotels on a booking website, and they all look fantastic. So, you usually book them according to the best price and star-rating. But are those hotels and accommodation providers really what they seem? Your travel agent has intimate knowledge of their business and operations. They’re able to call the manager on your behalf.

That’s expertise. With their knowledge, they’re able to provide you with the best information to guide your holiday booking decisions. It is like having a local offering you their tips on the city’s best and great sights.

Would you like to have your room upgraded? Of course. Preferential treatment given by accommodation providers to guests is usually arranged by travel agents. Both parties are out to impress their clients. The travel agent will go the extra mile to ensure your holiday is perfect, and the hotel is aiming for repeat business from that travel agent. You’re the winner in that situation. A free dinner, a voucher for activities or nearby attractions, discounted rates on restaurants, and more: your travel agent is your VIP concierge.

The biggest expense of your holiday is airfare. Most of the flight booking websites and apps offer air tickets that are “basic economy”, and with either too short layovers or too long ones. A good travel agent will most likely be able to match those cheap airfares on a more comfortable airline and with carefully scheduled layovers. That’s worth their commission right there.