Where to Spend Time on Australia Day

Australia Day is the national celebration of the country of Australia, it is celebrated in many ways such as flying the country’s flag, dressing up, hosting BBQs with friends and family, hanging out at the beach, attending festivals, firework, and all number of community & sporting events.

However, it is important to mention that Australia Day is a contested celebration. The national day celebrates the first landing fleet of British peoples in Sydney Cove, more than two-hundred years ago. Supposed to be a happy day of national pride it often brings up old wounds as it also represents a terrible time for the first peoples of Australia when their lands, children and sovereignty were stolen. Celebrated every 26th January, many people believe that the date should be changed, perhaps to the 9th of May, which is the date on which Australia’s Federal Parliament first sat in 1901. Despite the controversy, the majority of the country still celebrate this day with fun and celebration, choosing to highlight all the things that make Australia wonderful.

Almost everywhere you go in Australia will have some special events and activities on, of course the major cities have bigger celebrations. If you’re wondering where to spend your time during this day, you could visit these places below!

  • Sydney Harbour

Australia Day in this city begins early in the morning in the Sydney Harbour, and several events will take place around here. You can see a fire lighting at Sydney Opera House as the beginning, to a flag-raising event at 7.30AM, followed by ferries race at 11AM, then a salute commemoration from the Royal Australian Navy Flagship and Air Force around 12AM. Also at noon, you can see a parade of vessels in colourful flair, then another ship race at 1PM, and to be closed by a line-up of traditional and classic yachts.

  • Melbourne Town Hall, Kings Domain Gardens, NewQuay Piazza

Australia Day in Melbourne starts with a parade at 10.30AM. Then in Melbourne Town Hall, the Governor of Victoria and the Premier of Victoria will celebrate the day with the people. You can also see colourful parade of people across Swanson Street to Kings Domain Gardens. Other full-day events such as the classic car show, entertainment, and food stalls will be available on Kings Domain Garden after the parade. Likewise, if you’re looking for Australian gift ideas, music performances, or free activities, you can go to NewQuay Piazza.

  • Parklands at South Bank, Brisbane

The Parklands at South Bank in Brisbane is a popular location for everyone to enjoy with pretty parks, playgrounds, eateries and free swimming areas right on the river’s edge near the central city. You can go to the Parklands at South Bank to join the Australia Day celebration there you’ll find fireworks, music performances, art exhibitions, and swimming pool fun.

  • Langley Park, Perth

In the capital of Western Australia, you can go to Langley Park, Perth, to see the celebration of Australia Day.. There you’ll find fireworks, an airshow, live music and entertainment, pony and camel rides, a petting zoo, and a laser water show. The skyworks celebration is also the biggest Australia day celebration event in the country!

Whether you are a resident of Australia or a visitor to the country you certainly don’t want to miss out on the Australia Day celebrations. Happy national day!