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What are the transportation options from Malta International Airport to Valletta?

You have several options to choose from when you are looking for the most convenient or cheapest transportation from Malta International Airport to the country’s capital, Valletta. With these, you are sure to decide on a solution that suits your budget, your arrival time and the number and age of your travel participants. Find out which modes of transportation are particularly worth considering.

The most popular modes of transportation from Malta airport to Valletta

Private buses or coaches

Undoubtedly, the most popular choices are buses or coaches, which belong to private companies. As a result, transportation from Malta airport to Valletta is really convenient, and at the same time much cheaper than renting your own car. In addition, you can choose a company in advance, and even pre-order such a trip. Then, even during the tourist season, you will not run out of space in the coach. Also note the greater punctuality of private carriers – especially compared to public transportation.

Public transportation

Do you care about budget transportation from the airport to Valletta? If so, opt for public transportation. After all, there are really a lot of buses running just from the airport to the center of the capital. Besides, the buses pass through various neighborhoods, so you can easily find a stop close to your accommodation. This form of transportation will definitely appeal to people who don’t have much luggage. If you have large suitcases, however, public transportation can be inconvenient and tiring for you.

Renting a private car

Do you want to explore the entire island during your stay in Malta? Then the most convenient solution for you will be to rent your car. You can easily find a company that offers cars tailored to you, as many of them already have booths at the airport. Usually you can order the vehicle of your choice online even before you arrive in Malta. This allows you to read reviews about the various companies, get acquainted with their offers and, above all, compare rental costs.

Even before signing the contract, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the service. Especially pay attention to additional costs, for example, for a second driver. In addition, ask how much is the deposit. Usually these funds are blocked from your credit card, and when you return the cars in good condition, you get a refund.

A private car is certainly a viable option for families with children, seniors or people who want to enjoy maximum mobility. At the same time, it is one of the most expensive ways of transportation from Malta airport to Valletta.


If you don’t want to rent your own car, because you intend to explore primarily the capital of Malta, but at the same time you want maximum convenience, then use a cab. Just pay attention to the high cost of such a ride to Valletta. After all, you can really pay a lot of money for such a ride, so get an idea of what the airport transportation prices might be already in advance.