Visit Bali for the Amazing Experience and a Memorable Destination

As an Island, Bali is a province of Indonesia, which is located on the Western side of the Island of Lesser Sunda. Its capital is Denspar which is on the southern side of the Island. Being on the southern side of the equator at eight degrees, it has fair climate all year round.
Why Bali?
Bali is a popular destination for tourists and was named by TripAdvisor as the top world’s destination. It has attractions which are suitable for every class of travellers. Cyclists can cycle through the beautiful landscape of rice terraces while hikers have the volcanic peaks to climb. Having a relaxed time is also affordable and fabulous at their spa treatments.
Bali is a diverse region and there are top rated places to stay and activities to participate in for travellers looking for a memorable and unique experience.
Different destinations and activities for a tourist

  • One of the unique places to visit is the Nasa Dua. It is home to stunning white sandy beaches with clear waters that are perfect for sunbathing and swimming. It is also home to INAYA Putri which is a five-star hotel having access to a deluxe pool with a private balcony. There are also beaches which are termed as ‘hidden ‘ beaches. For example, the Tegal Wenga beach located in the south of Bali. For a good swim, while enjoying nature, travelers can visit Padang-Padang beach. Having a view of the Indian ocean is also another unforgettable experience. This is done while visiting the Uluwatu temple which is located on a cliff. The INAYA Putri hosts a Kecak dance which is a traditional dance that mixes costumes, drama, and humor.
  • There are also exciting and thrilling adventures which take you from the deep jungle of Borneo and Sumatra to the temples of Bali and villages of Papua. All this happens in a span of 90 minutes by watching the Devdan show hosted at the theatre in Nusa Dus. The show features world-class dancers, illusion artists, amazing acrobats, beautiful costume and decors which are handmade including live music.
  • Enjoying a leisure cruise to a beautiful resort should be inclusive for any traveller. The cruise is a four hour trip from INAYA Putri and ends at the magnificent Gili Air Lagoon Resort. It has cottages that are one bed roomed, circular in design which give you access to the swimming pool resembling a lagoon. The waters surrounding the Gili have a wide variety of marine life. These include sea turtles, colored fish and coral gardens which will be visible in your snorkel adventures.
  • Seminyak is also another place worth visiting and while there you can stay at the Montigo resort. Tourists get a relaxing traditional massage, sunbath and have their seafood dinner at the seaside.

Travellers who practice Yoga can also have a session with an experienced Yoga instructor at the Amora Ubud Boutique Villas. You can also visit the Ubud market and get into a silversmith workshop, learn a new skill and acquire a piece of jewellery.
As a tourist, you may not have the time or experience to plan on how to get to all these amazing places and enjoy yourself. That is why contacting holiday experts such as the Seven Holiday experts would definitely help you have an organized and relaxed trip.