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Top 5 Stunning Places of Thailand That You Should Visit This Summer

Thailand holds plenty of historic landmarks, beautiful resorts, and amazing nature. It is truly a phenomenal place that you can explore in any time of the year. But, we suggest you to visit this country in summer in order to enjoy your summer holidays. It is a top tourist attraction and hosts millions of tourists every year. Their culture, festivals, and resorts are extremely popular in the world. You can check the availability of flights and tickets to book your trip. For this purpose, you can get reward of Atlantis the palm dealsHow it works? Simply obtain this deal from coupon.ae and insert at the cash counter for getting discount on the best accommodation. Check out the top five striking places of Thailand that you should discover this summer with your family. So, are you ready? 

Bo Sang Umbrella Village: 

Want to see something cute and eye-catching? This village is popular for its handmade colorful bamboo umbrellas that are called as parasols. You can witness the manufacturing process of these umbrellas and also purchase at competitive prices. It is a beautiful place to visit with your kids. They look really attention-grabbing due to their colorful designs. Hurry and visit this village as soon as possible. 

Khao Yai National Park: 

Do you feel attracted by natural wonders and beauty? If yes, then this national park is a must exploring destination. It is famous for its diverse wildlife and nature. From hiking to climbing, trekking, and other outdoor activities, you can do everything. Moreover, you can also see a range of wildlife in the form of elephants, gibbons, tigers, and monkeys. That’s why it is a great place for everyone. 

Floating Markets: 

Floating market of Thailand is really impressive and attracts millions of visitors every year. They sell everyday essentials like fruits, vegetables, and other several things on the boats. This looks really mesmerizing and biggest tourist attraction in Thailand. Finding the right accommodation is a difficult task but there is no need to worry about in the presence of Atlantis the palm deals. You can choose any hotel or rental apartment with the help of this offer available at coupon.ae. 

Similan Islands: 

This island is another recognizable thing in Thailand because of its pristine beaches, rich marine life, and turquoise water. It is a wonderful tourist destination for snorkeling, fishing, bathing, and other fun water activities. Visitors love its crystal clear and welcoming water. You can also enjoy cruise ride on this island in order to uncover the unique spots. 

Sukhothai Historical Park: 

It is protected by UNESCO and one of the most fabulous historic sites. These ancient ruins are surrounded with the beautiful nature and water pools. You can find various restaurants, hotels, cafes, and shops near this historical park. You can choose your favorite accommodation according to your budget and need with the support of Atlantis the Palm deals. Get this deal right now from coupon.ae.