Mark These 5 Crucial Points Before Renting Event Venues

How many days will you need the event venue for? What are your plans for inviting guests? Maybe it’s just around the suitability of the dress code, makeup, and a little basic conversation to make small talk just in case you are dealing with influential people in the event.

This is certainly very different from when you are in the position of hosting and organizing the event. There will be lots of details to think about so that the event runs smoothly and leaves a good impression, and among other things is location selection. If you think choosing a location is easy, that’s right! But does a location meet the needs of your event? Can the location represent the host brand/company? Will the location look good when it is published on social media or mass media? Questions like these that should be considered when you determine the location for the event that you are planning. For this reason, the Pink Caviar Events Sydney team have the available facilities to ensure all aspects of the event to become more organized.

What should you do to set up an event?

1. Survey Several Sites at Once

When you have got an idea of ​​an event, then do it immediately

  • Survey several locations
  • Prepare a number of implementation dates as alternative

2. Price Negotiation & Implementation Time

Alternative implementation dates and bookings 4 – 6 months in advance will greatly assist you in designing the entire event. At least worries about location can be dropped from your list of tasks. Price negotiation will be more flexible because you have several alternative locations to choose from.

3. Capacity / Capacity

The capacity of the room must make guests feel comfortable in the room. You certainly will not place the client or investor in a crowded cramped room right?

  • Count the number of invitations and make a comparison with the area of ​​the room
  • The distance between tables should not be too narrow so that guests are free to move
  • Arrangement between seats should not be too closely (especially for the VIP / VVIP section)
  • The area of the room should be comfortable enough for people to move around

4. Adequate Parking Facilities

The conference hall or hotel has its own parking area, but what if the parking space is limited while invited guests almost certainly bring their own vehicles.

  • Prepare an emergency plan for parking at a nearby location
  • What about emergency parking permits, guardians & payments?
  • How much is the capacity of the emergency parking lot?

5. Services & Facilities

Catering and places usually have become one package yet not close to the possibility if you have another vendor who is usually invited to work together.

  • Is catering & room decoration included in the rental package?
  • Is the backstage and stage space available?
  • Are the tables & chairs provided? Round table or regular long table?
  • Standard safety equipment (extinguisher / smoke detector, etc.)

• The room acoustics must be good so that the sound / music can be heard to all corners of the room clearly

The 5 points above you can make a check list to facilitate your business in preparing for an event. You can even make this a guideline. As a first step you can do.