There are indeed many natural attractions in Thailand. In fact, there are many tourists from overseas who often go to Thailand to spend the holidays. Starting from the very enchanting nature tourism to unique cultural tourism. Well, one of the natural attractions that are quite interesting and you can visit is a tour of the island of Koh Samui.

For Travellers who have often traveled abroad, especially Thailand, it may not be so familiar with the name of this one natural tourism. Well, who have never been to Thailand, please note that the natural attractions of the island with the beauty of this beach is a very popular tour. Even visitors in one year reached 1.5 million. Certainly not enough just 1 day to enjoy the beauty of the island, for that travelers need a comfortable place to stay. Lots of hotels there. Hotel Samui Resort Chaweng Beach Kandaburi is one of them.

The enchanting beauty of Koh Samui Island Tourism

Thailand is a country that has islands like Indonesia, buddy. So it has a lot of stunning natural attractions. Koh Samui Island itself is the second largest island in Thailand. In this country, indeed, very large islands are famous as tourist destinations for tourists. This island has an area of ​​about 228 square kilometers.

If you come here, you will surely be enchanted by the natural beauty that is very charming and hypnotizing the eyes. The stretch of clean white sand beach with fresh blue sea makes you fascinated and like visiting a beautiful dream tourist country. The view of the towering coconut trees also makes the beach atmosphere very distinctive and makes an impression in your memory.

Natural Beauty That Is Maintained During This Time

Friend traveler, maybe if you see the charm of the island of Koh Samui will wonder how there can be tours that are still very natural and beautiful like this. You need to know, according to history, this island has been inhabited by humans since around the 15th century, friend. Some of its citizens also work as fishermen. Around the early 19th century, it was told that this beautiful island was isolated from modern life like in the city center.

Even in the 1970s the island which kept a small slice of this tourist paradise did not have a highway. So it is very minimal residents who visit here. For the road alone residents must divide the forest and up the hill. Well this is where the privilege is, because very minimal access makes this island rarely visited by humans. So that its natural beauty is still very natural and fresh. In the 1980s many tourists began to visit because of the charm of the tour which is very maintained naturalness.

Access to Koh Samui Island and facilities on the island

For those of you who want to visit and enjoy the natural charm of this island can depart by plane. Because there is the only airport that is Samui Airport that you can use. Friend can start the journey to this tourist island from Bangkok directly to Koh Samui.

There are also several ships that have routes to and from Koh Samui, my friend. The most important thing, friend, don’t worry about road access. Since becoming a famous tourist location, Koh Samui Island tour began to improve and have excellent road access for vehicles.

This tourist island also has a lot of facilities that you can use. There are many restaurants that you can visit while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Even for the convenience of visitors there are about 5 hospitals. So you will be very comfortable if you visit this island.

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