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Know the Beautiful Tradition of Marriage in France

Seeing the beautiful Eiffel tower will make you imagine how beautiful if your wedding ceremony takes place there. France’s beauty is unremitting. The tradition of marriage in France is very condensed for the formalities of church events because most French citizens embrace Christianity.
In marriage, a bride will wear a white dress and the groom will wear a black suit. This tradition has been started a few hundred years ago.
The habit of using fragrant flowers as decorations and bouquets of brides has also been popular for centuries. Each flower represents a special meaning and uniqueness for the bride and groom. In ancient times fragrant flowers were used primarily to help refresh the bodies of both couples before deodorants and perfumes were created.
As reported by worldweddingtraditions.com, that church bells will always be bridesmaids when entering the church to hold their marriage. The tradition that still survives until now is the groom will call his partner right in front of the bride’s house on the morning of the wedding party will take place.
During the process of going to church, across the street there will be little children wearing white clothes with white ribbons to welcome the bride and groom. Then there is the moment in which the two brides will cut the long white ribbons for which their marriage is valid.
In the evening, the party was held with great fanfare for inviting all the family and neighbors. The party usually lasts until morning. The guests will toast one another to tighten their brotherhood. There will be plenty of great places to choose from for weddings and receptions. You just choose where you like. One of the most recommended is Mont ST Michel wedding.
Well, that’s a brief review of the beautiful wedding tradition in France. That way, the couples hope that their marriage will be a moment that will never be forgotten for the rest of their lives.