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It’s Time to Big Up Birmingham

When it comes to the cities of this land, Birmingham has to be right up there with the best. While other places have their charms and attractions, the heart of the country belongs to Brum. Here are some of the reasons that make Birmingham an exciting place to live and work:

  1. Yes, the city might be in a land locked location but if it’s a waterside walk you’re after, you’ll not be disappointed. It’s true that Birmingham has more canals than Venice. So, they might not all look as glam as Venice, but you’ll also find a lot of reservoirs and lakes with nature conservation areas and water sports. For a big city, it’s easy to find some natural escapism. Visiting the city, make sure you enjoy some relaxing escapism in your accommodation too. For private and comfortable Serviced Apartments Birmingham, visit http://www.8waterloostreet.co.uk/
  2. You might think that culinary greatness is the sole preserve of London, but you’d be wrong. Did you know that there are more Michelin-starred eateries in Birmingham than any other city outside London? It’s a foodie heaven, with many food-related events held annually such as food markets and festivals. And if it’s a curry you’re after? Birmingham invented the Balti so you’re in safe hands.
  3. The wonderful Ozzy Osborne is one of Brum’s most famous sons and you don’t get much bigger than Black Sabbath for a musical claim to fame. Other tops artists to put the city firmly on the ‘Rock’ map include Robert Plant, Judas Priest, John Bonham and ELO. What else has Brum done for the world of music? As if you need more but just in case, how about Duran Duran, UB40, The Moody Blues and Ocean Colour Scene? Need we say more?
  4. Birmingham has also given the world something incredibly precious – chocolate! This is the home of the original sweet tooth with the world-famous Cadbury’s factory and its very own attraction, Cadbury World. Never mind the vacuum cleaner, the electric kettle and the whistle, the greatest invention to hail from Birmingham must be the chocolate.

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  1. Now the city is famous for gangsters too. Thanks to the hugely popular series Peaky Blinders, Birmingham has been redefined as sexy, dangerous and cool once more, even it was back in the 1920s. Even though some of the show is not shot in Birmingham, the whole story is based there around the Shelby family, a fictional creation reflecting a real-life gang who once controlled much of that area.
  2. For a bustling metropolis, Birmingham is well-known for its green and pleasant pastures too. Clean air is important to the city folks so there are 571 parks covering over 3,000 hectares of public space. This is more than any other European city can boast. You’ll also find the biggest urban nature reserve in Europe as well.
  3. You’ll find a lot of bull in Birmingham. No, not that kind but a lot of tributes to a real bull. The Bullring markets and shopping centre are where you’ll find the bronze Bully mascot and there’s also a Bull Street. The Bullring is one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe so be prepared for some serious retail therapy!