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Is it safe to travel for holidays to the Middle East during the 2020 pandemic COVID-19?

2019 is gradually being one of the years to remember, where the world was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your travel plans were suspended, and you would have missed out on that holiday trip you have planned all year. However, with the easing of lockdown restrictions and international flights’ resumption, we can start planning for the 2020 holidays.

Furthermore, there are still grave concerns from travellers about the safety of travelling to specific destinations due to the COVID-19. And since Dubai is among the top holiday destinations in the Middle East, one will want to know how safe to travel to these regions. Well, Dubai has been regarded as one of the nations that have handled the pandemic properly. But travelling to this city will require you to follow some restrictions along with the sharia law as a foreign person will face in the state.

Before going to Dubai, you should understand the sharia laws that bind the nations, such as:

  1. No romantic gestures in the street

You would get in trouble with the authority if you were caught kissing, holding hands romantically in the street. For you to stay in Dubai and enjoy what the place has to offer, you have to stick to this rule. Keep all your romantic gestures inside.

  1. Wear decent clothes

The city of Dubai is a conservative environment, and they usually frown upon nude and indecent dressings. As we are dealing with the restrictions based on the COVID-19, we also adhere to the region’s dress code. They have a rule against women showing too much skin, exposing vital parts. When travelling to the Middle East for holidays, you should be aware that it is a state governed by Sharia Laws. Although they may be a little flexible, you should not put the law to the test to avoid embarrassment.

  1. Maintaining your hygiene

Due to the Coronavirus, everyone must manage good health. You should follow the directives in all the points of entry and exit. It will also be best if you maintain your hygiene, coming prepared with your mask and hand sanitizers. On your own, you should be aware of keeping social distance while travelling to this region. Although the Middle East States, like Dubai, have a good track record of combating the virus with well-established facilities, you should maintain your hygiene while travelling.

  1. Well established facilities to prevent COVID-19

If there is any safe place to travel to with the advent of the COVID-19, it is Dubai. They were celebrated as one of the nations to start the relaxation of restrictions, and they boost standard medical facilities and equipment. Also, they have social amenities to ensure social distancing and maintain public health safety.

As we approach 2020, you should consider the Middle East as your next holiday destination. This is because you can feel safe about the safety measures of this developed country.