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Interesting Places in Ho Chi Minh

Interesting places in Ho Chi Min are indeed diverse and presenting beauty compared to several cities in Vietnam. This place may not famous as Hanoi that is the entrance into Vietnam. For your information, in Ho Chi Min there are a lot of old buildings that well cared for. For you who want to witness the beauty of the old building nearly, you can choose  5 Star Hotel Saigon  accommodation, Hotel Des Arts as a destination to stay.

List of Interesting places in Ho Chi Minh

For tourists who may often pass this city, you should not rush to go. Better to enjoy first this city. Let’s check it out, the exploration below:

1. Cu Chi Tunnels

This is the first place that tourists can visit. This place is an underground tunnel. It has a length of more than 121 km. There is a long history behind this tourism spot. Where formerly used as a hiding place for Viet Chong.

besides as the hiding place. This tunnel is also used as a place to bring food supplies secretly, various kinds of medicines, as well as war equipment. Historical witnesses every second of the war era.

2. War Remnant Museum

The next tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh is a museum. In this area, the tourist will be treated with a varied collection of relics from the indo-china 1 war.

Before entering the museum area, tourists are welcomed with UH 1 helicopter and M-48 tank Panton and various kinds of missiles and atomic bombs.

3. Reunification Palace

Visiting this place, the tourist will be treated with a combination of traditional Vietnamese architectural projects with a modern model. The architect of the building was named Ngo Viet Thu. When you first set foot in this area, the tourists will be presented with a replica of the tank in front of the gate.

4. Saigon Central Post Office

This is a historical building that was built in the 19th. Located in the city center of the city of Saigon makes it easy to visit this area. Here the tourist can find 2 large paintings that prove the history of the people of Vietnam. Everyone knows this painting.

5. City Park

The character of the big city is a beautiful garden. Like in Ho Chi Minh. presents tourist objects with lots of colors and various interesting colors to visit. This place is like a tour that never sleeps. Where almost every time has always been visited by various kinds of tourists.