Food against jet lag, or how to deal with the problem of air travel

Being able to travel to the other side of the world in a matter of hours has radically changed the whole picture of the world. Now we can travel without wasting time on a difficult and monotonous way, we can visit our relatives and friends, just by buying a plane ticket. It is as simple as to buy Propecia for hair loss treatment. And at the same time, people were faced with a new problem, which they had never suspected before – jet lag, or circadian rhythm failure.

Jetlag occurs in a person after he has to quickly cross several time zones. Insomnia/drowsiness, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, difficulty in faxing on tasks, disorientation, and even depression – such unpleasant symptoms can last several days. You can cope with some unpleasant symptoms like depression and alopecia and buy Propecia online. A shift of one to two hours usually takes place more or less imperceptibly, but a flight through 12 time zones can disrupt a person for several days.

The first to feel the need to find a solution to this problem was the military

It was the military who were the most interested in solving the jet lag problem. And it was they who in 2002 participated in an organized experiment on a possible way out of a circadian failure.

In the 2002 experiment, 186 soldiers took part – not so many by the standards of scientists, but enough to see if such a method had any results at all. Part of the soldiers – the control group – went through several time zones without preparation, and part – adhered to 4 days before this so-called Argonne diet.

The Argonne diet should be started four days before departure

The first day you should eat tightly, preferring meat dishes for breakfast and lunch, and high-carb dishes.

On the second day, you should eat only light food – salads, toasts, cereals without milk and butter.

On the third day, the meat is again for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner – carbohydrates.

And on the fourth – this is the day of departure – only light food.

However, what you eat is only half the secret. The second important factor in the Argonne diet is feeding time. Starting on its first day, you should not eat food when you are used to it, but when you do it at your destination.

Another main point of the Argonne diet is that any energy and stimulating drinks, whether tea or coffee, all four days you can drink only from 15 to 17 of your time zone.

Eating on such a schedule is uncomfortable, but much less problematic for health than the jet lag itself. By the fourth day, your body will have time to readjust to a new schedule, so when you arrive at your destination, adaptation will be much easier.

There is also a shorter, but less studied way to deal with jetlag – this is a kind of shortened version of the Argonne diet. The day before the flight, you should eat only light food, and 15 hours before departure, completely refuse food and drink only water – no tea, coffee, or sweet drinks. Your body may not have time to completely restore to a new rhythm, but it will help get rid of most of the negative symptoms of jet lag.