Enjoy the beauty of Phi Phi Island Phuket by Renting a Boat

I have long harbored a desire to spend the night on Phi Phi Island, and jut visit there in December last year. Two years before I had a short vacation in Phuket, but did not have time to spend the night there.

I arrived at Phi Phi Island in the afternoon by using he Phi Phi Cruiser from Phuket. Tickets can be purchased online on the ship/cruise provider site. The packages are varied, from 1 day to 1 week. For the second package, return tickets to Phuket are purchased directly on Phi Phi Island. Arriving at Phi Phi, I immediately rented a boat from, Yacht Sourcing. The price is quite cheap, THB 300. Prices include transportation by long-tail boat, snorkeling equipment rental costs, as well as breakfast and lunch provided by the tour luxury Yacht Charter Phuket

Loh Dalum Bay

Our first destination is Loh Dalum Bay which is the east coast on Phi Phi Island. The beach is comfortable and clean, the sand is white. This beachside is very suitable for jogging in the morning because the seawater recedes in the morning. Whereas in the afternoon many tourists swim and soak in the beach because the tide is rising. Many Tourists also sunbathing here.

The beachside next door, Tonsai Bay, cannot be used freely by tourists to swim because the beach is used as a place for ships to dock at Phi Phi, also a gateway for tourists to enter the pier. After a short walk from Loh Dalum Bay and picked up to the ship, we were led to the long tail boat and immediately treated to breakfast with a sandwich menu. Hmm, quite a lump my stomach in the morning. Then we headed straight for Maya Bay.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay distance from the Phi Phi pier is quite close, just located behind the hill on the front of the island. With a long-tail boat, it takes us about 30 minutes to Maya Bay, but with a speedboat, the distance is faster, which is about 15 minutes. But I do not know how much it costs to cross by speedboat, certainly more expensive than using a long tail boat.

The tour leader informed us that to enter the Maya Bay area we had to pay another THB 100. In short, if you want to get off the ship you have to pay more. I thought there were no more costs, but there were. I was a little disappointed, but since I was in Maya Bay, there was no harm in paying extra for something I had dreamed of.

I fell in love and was fascinated with Maya Bay. The combination of greenish seawater and white sand that is surrounded by a small hill makes Maya Bay look very exotic. The water is very clear and clean. But unfortunately, the tour leader only gives 1-hour time in Maya Bay, as well as tours using long-tail boats and other speedboats.

I took an hour to swim at the beach. For those who can’t swim, try not to go too far to the middle of the beach because the bottom of the beach is as deep as 1-meter rocky and the coral is quite sharp. So it’s better to play on the beach.

Maya Bay tour finished around 2 pm, then I cleaned myself up at the hotel and took a short break to continue the trip to Phi Phi Viewpoint.