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Enjoy New York, the Never-Sleeps City on a Little Budget

Even though the night had arrived, New York still did not lose its sparkle. As Frank Sinatra said in his legendary song “New York, New York”, the city never sleeps. The city known as the symbol of the Statue of Liberty, it promises an amazing experience for 24 hours. Exploring New York non-stop will bring a unique experience for travelers. Before exploring further in this dream city, there are two important facts to know.

  1. New York City has five main areas
    Do not ever think New York City can be explored in a short time. The city has five main areas or Borough. The five areas are Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Each region has its own uniqueness and characteristic. Based on this condition there are many potential tourists who discontinued their intentions for cost reasons.
  2. The best time to travel begins in spring
    The city began to show its beauty in spring, around April. Many tourists avoid winter in December, because they have to wear thick jackets that add burden. In addition, during the winter is also a risk of snow storms that cause many public facilities and shops closed. While January-February is the coldest month in New York on average reaches 0 degrees Celsius even minus. You can’t freely use the hop-on hop-off bus mode and that means you need to spend more money on other modes of transportation.

From the above facts we can estimate if we need to prepare more money to travel to New York, but there is always a solution to every problem, as well as how to save on your expenses when traveling in New York.
The Buses
It is a smart move to enjoy every beauty of a city without spending a lot of money. You can book tickets online and sit back while enjoying the various sights as you are viewing from the balcony of your home. There are several options for bus transportation when you are traveling in New York. Two of the most famous are New York’s Big Bus Sightseeing Tours and Gray Line Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour of NYC. To choose which service best suits your needs then you are advised to find as many references as possible about New York Big Bus Sightseeing Tours vs GrayLine Hop-On- Hop-Off Tour NYC.
City Passes
A city pass is a kind of card that serves to save your expenses when visiting various attractions in a city. We’re taking an example, the New York Pass! It is a pass similar to a credit card, which can be used in more than 80 different attractions in the city of New York. The card has a microchip that will be read when you pass your card in each attraction. The New York Pass can be purchased as a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 day pass. Some things you should know about the New York Pass
– The pass will be activated as soon as you use it in the first attraction.
– The number of days during which you can use your pass refers to calendar dates, and not to 24-hour periods. For example, even if you use the pass for day 1 and for the first attraction at 1 PM, it will expire at midnight that same day.
– The New York Pass can only be used once in each attraction, so that it can’t be shared between two people.
Again, you have some interesting options for it as you can get New York Pass or NYC Explorer Pass or Citypass. Looking for references related to NYC Explorer Pass vs New York Pass vs Citypass is a highly recommended move.
Utilizing a clean water tap
This sounds trivial but if you have to spend money every time you feel thirsty then you will unconsciously eat away your money reserves. New York City claims to have the best water system in the United States. They spread tap water in various downtowns. No need to spend money to buy just drinking water in the supermarket, you just need to find tap water and open your mouth, and your thirst will disappear quickly.
By applying some of the above strategies then you can enjoy New York with all its beauty without the need to drain your spare money too much.