Don’t Make Wrong Booking and Pay Too Expensive, Here Are 6 Tips Before You Booking a Hotel

Places to stay to be one thing that must be prepared before the holidays.

At present, hotel bookings are greatly facilitated by online booking sites.

Making an online booking means that we have never seen the lodging in question directly.

For that, we need to do the following these six tips.

1. Don’t take package deals

Some hotels will offer overnight packages for first time guests there.

This sounds interesting, but you don’t have to accept the offer.

For information, packages sometimes provide facilities that are not needed by guests.

And of course, it makes the price more expensive than the regular price offered. In contrast to Premier Village resorts. Premier Village resort is one of the luxury hotels

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2. Check the distance through the map

Some hotels sometimes reduce their distance from tourist attractions around the inn.

If you are near an airport or a certain place, you need to verify the distance on Google Maps before booking a hotel.

3. Understanding room preferences do not guarantee

Hotel bookings usually include preferences such as bed size and a number of beds.

But unfortunately, not all hotels give that preference.

Hotel guests will usually get what is asked for, but not always.

4. Mention special events

Some tourists take a vacation to celebrate a birthday, honeymoon, birthday, or other moments.

When booking a hotel, it doesn’t hurt to mention the moment to the hotel clerk.

It could be that the hotel will prepare a special surprise in the room that has been booked.

5. Be polite to hotel staff

Feel free to say hello or at least give a smile to the hotel staff.

Even though it looks simple, this will increase opportunities to get facilities while staying at the hotel.

6. Book together with plane tickets

If you have planned travel plans, it never hurts to book plane tickets and hotel rooms simultaneously.

Some online booking sites will usually offer combined accommodation and flight packages.

Of course, this combined package can save expenses during the holidays.