Delhi: A Place with the Gems of Past

In case, you are planning to go out for a vacation; then you can think about Delhi. Come on, holidays are not always about trip to hill stations or beaches; sometimes these are about historic walks, rich strolls and spiritual delights. You can find a rich bunch of spots in the capital. Delhi has everything stored for you.
If you are living in another city like Pune, you can easily check out lowest Pune to Delhi Flights for your visit. These flights are quick and absolutely reasonable. Come on, there is no reason that you stay aloof from the richness of Delhi.  You know the capital is among the chief tourist spots in the country. It is a land that merges two dissimilar arenas.  Old Delhi was considered as the capital of Islamic India. It is a maze of thin lanes blend with crumbling Havelis and distinct mosques.
On the other side, the huge city of New Delhi progressive by the British Raj is packed with spacious, tree-lined roads and appealing government buildings.  It is so exciting listening to this right? Just imagine how it would be when you physically experience it all? There are diverse tourist attractions in Delhi and some of these are right here:
Safdarjung Tomb
This is the last garden tomb in Delhi and the tomb is the vault of Safdarjung. It was constructed nearly between the years 1753 and 1754 by son of Safdarjung Shuja-ud-Daula.  The magnificent Safdarjung tomb encompasses diverse tiny canopies such as Badsha Pasand, the Moti Mahal and even Jangli Mahal amidst different others. This composite of the Humayun’s Tomb also has a Madrasa and a massive library that is taken care of by the archaeological survey of India.
It might catch your attention that the tomb was constructed in the middle of the Charbagh style gardens that is a famous architectural style in Mughal constructions. The Safdarjung’s Tomb is wonderfully ornamented with ponds and fountains. It is crafted out of stunning red sandstone coupled with a white marble dome. The Tomb is made up on an elevated platform having a gate for convenience and spacious walkways on the other three sides.  You will definitely have a rich taste at this spot.
Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple is located in the southern borders of capital. The temple fascinates visitors for its outstanding and exclusive architecture that is created in the shape of lotus flower. The huge and stunning lawns around it are a beautiful place for taking rest.  The peaceful and beautiful religious site has its origins in Bahai faith. This is a type of monotheistic religion that encourages the love for everyone and of course humanity as a whole.  The stunning, spacious and beautiful Lotus Temple is open to everybody irrespective of faith, caste and gender. The temple is composed of twenty seven marble petals that are well arranged in concentric lumps.  You would definitely praise its beauty once you go there.
Thus, be ready for this exhilarating experience. Go ahead and book your Pune to Delhi Flights and have a memorable time in the capital.