Complete Vacation Guide to Phuket, Thailand. Overseas Travel Destinations

Do you have plans to go abroad this year? But you don’t know where you are going? If you are looking for new experiences, a different culture, and a budget that doesn’t drain the bag, Yes, instead of complaining that domestic plane tickets are really expensive, it’s better to just go to ASEAN, which has cheaper tickets.

Thailand itself is very broad. The two most famous destinations from Thailand are Bangkok and Phuket. If Bangkok is more like a big city with all modern things and cool malls. If Phuket is more like Bali, there are many beautiful beaches and wild nature that are ready to be explored.

The best time for traveling to Phuket is in December – March. Not too much rain, the weather isn’t too hot. if you want to order a boat charter phuket you can visit

The best time to visit Phuket is in December

The weather in Phuket is almost similar to the weather in Southeast Asia. There is a hot season, where Phuket is very dry in April – June, and there is a wet season, where Phuket is always rainy in July – November. The best time for traveling to Phuket is in December – March, which is the time of transition from wet season to the hot season, the rain is not too much, and the air is not very hot.

Note the location of your stay during your vacation in Phuket. If you want to cheaply stay in Phuket Town, if you want to be close to the tourist attractions stay at the beach area.

Staying in the Patong Beach area makes you walk enough to the beach

Phuket is very spacious. You should pay close attention to the location where you stay. If you want to find cheap accommodations, you can choose to stay in Phuket Town. Public transportation in Phuket Town is also easier to find and the price is cheap. But if using public transportation must be patient, because the average speed is around 30-40 km/hour. If at 5 pm the public transportation is not operating.

You can also stay in the beach area. You can go to the beach just walk. We recommend staying in the Patong Beach area. Patong Beach is the busiest area in Phuket with the most complete facilities and varied lodging choices. Ranging from very cheap to luxurious, there are.