The profession of being a pilot is one of the professions that is of great interest to many people, in addition to being a high earner, being a pilot is also a profession that is proud. However, behind it all as a pilot has a great responsibility with the work he does. For this reason, being a pilot must have the skills you need to really learn. This is because being a pilot is not only required to fly the plane alone. However, all passengers on the plane are the responsibility of a pilot. Therefore, to become a pilot is not easy because of how many series of tests must be followed. Not a few people who want to become pilots experience fail because the test that was followed was not successful. With the amount of responsibility assumed by a pilot, therefore the pilot must be more careful and thorough before making a flight. As for what must be done by a pilot before deciding to fly an airplane, that is, he must do these things first.

Medical check-up

The first thing a pilot must do before deciding to fly an airplane is to check first. Checks that must be done by a pilot is a health check. Health is the most important thing for pilots to know. Is the pilot worthy to fly or not? If the pilot is in an impossible condition, the pilot is not allowed to fly. As for the health that must be checked by a pilot is the eyes, blood pressure, internal diseases, and so forth. Pilots are also not allowed to take drugs 1 or 2 hours when they want to fly. If the pilot is found out of drinking drugs, it is not feasible to fly the aircraft so that another pilot substitute will be found.

Check all Passengers

The pilot not only checks himself, but the pilot must also check the passengers before making the flight. To check all passengers, the pilot will be assisted by a flight attendant on duty on the plane. Pilots and flight attendants must ensure that none of the passengers are still in the toilet or turn on the cell phone when the plane is going to flight. Also make sure that the passenger has turned off his cellphone and is also using a seat belt. If there is still one passenger who still turns on his cell phone, then this can affect the flight. For those of you who are interested in becoming a pilot, you should apply yourself to check all passengers. Remembering passengers is the responsibility of a pilot and crew on the plane.

Check the condition of the aircraft

No less important again that must be checked by a pilot is the condition of the aircraft. It might just be that there is a workforce that has a role in checking the condition of the aircraft, before the flight. However, there is no harm as a pilot, you have to double check the condition of the aircraft before the plane is flown. The condition of the aircraft that you have to check, such as aircraft engines, wings, fuel, pesawar doors, security, and so forth. Readiness of aircraft conditions has an important role for the safety of the aviation world and all passengers on the plane.

Pilots should not ignore things that can trigger things that are not desirable. One of them must not ignore info from the ATC tower. Because, to get flight information, pilots must follow the instructions given by officers in the ATC tower.