7 Things to Keep in Mind before travelling to Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been a famous city for many years and this has enabled it to attract tourists from all walks of life. But just what is the city known for that other tourist destinations don’t have?  Well, if you love the experience of one of the best sceneries and work of nature then this should be your dream vacation. 

Beautiful towers, efficient transport, and excellent accommodation in world-class hotels, eateries, and Chinese culture are among the things that make Hong Kong a perfect place to visit.  Flights to Hong Kong are one of a kind with all the luxuries you can find in modern airlines. In fact, just stepping inside the plane you’ll already feel like you’re already in Hong Kong.

The service there is incredible with friendly attendants and comfortable facilities. Apart from all these, there are still a host of things you need to know before you set out for your travel. Here are things you need to know about Hong Kong when planning your vacation.

They Use Uber

Hong Kong is one of the developed cities in China. It is well modernized with all sorts of means of transport such as rail, road and even air transport. Moreover, with the most luxurious road transport, Uber taxis take the lead. Despite not being so economical, Ubers are flexible and can take you up to the interior parts of the city.

Language barriers in Hong Kong should never be that stressor; most of these Uber Drivers have good English command easing communication between the two of you when requesting a ride. Also, the Uber system has an automatic response that sends them to a specific place to pick and drop their clients.  All the modern technologies incorporated in these rides make it a reliable and convenient means of transport.

There is Easy Public Transport

If you can’t afford Uber taxis, you don’t have to worry because you can also hop on one of the public transport means and reach your destination stress-free. Hong Kong city has attractive road facilities such as modern road highways, beautiful streetlights, and comfortable public vehicles. All these work in harmony to ease the movement of people from one place to another.

When you choose to travel using the public means you might also come across the Octopus Card which is the most preferred mode of payment in place of cash. An amazing thing about this card is that you can easily refill it with cash at any of Watson’s drug stores or even 7-Eleven agents. The card will help you in overcoming the risks of carrying huge cash making public transport safe and convenient.

Carry Your Own Drinking water

Hong Kong is the best place to have fun during the holiday season, however, the city is said to have unclean water unsafe for drinking.  All this does not only result from poor water storage but also water transportation.

If you’re one of the people who’re sensitive to the kind of thing you consume, you might consider having a water bottle with clean drinking water. You can also stay away from ice cubes as they might have dangerous chemicals. If you must eat anything frozen, opt for frozen fruits, donuts, among others.

Carrying your own water is also a must during the month of July when Hong Kong experiences a hot and humid climate. You will feel thirsty easily and carrying your own water can save you the cost of buying water all the time.

Hong Kong is Overflowing with Street Food

Once you land on Hong Kong you’re going to be greeted with a host of delicacies. While walking along the city streets, you are likely to find all sorts of foodstuff and drinks displayed. Unlike drinking water in the street tends to be that dangerous, things tend to be different with food staff since they are prepared using hot water which kills the germs.

Although this is not guaranteed that these foods are 100{cd8214edf223f50db3e97f57df2f42a334faed3f95dba4d4d7896a2a8432f224} safe for human consumption, a high percentage are safe. Food is one of the things that define the culture of these people and you’re going to love the delicious street foods. However, you must be very selective on what you eat to avoid food poisoning or stomach upsets for eating what you’re not used to.

Weather can Change Anytime

Hong Kong experiences hot and humid climate conditions. During July, Hong Kong has a high humidity climate that only favors the wearing of light cloths. You should, therefore, consider this when packing for your trip to the amazing city.

But it’s not only the hot and humid climate that the place experiences. The weather conditions keep on changing with sometimes the temperatures dropping too low. Always check the climate and stay updated so that you’re not caught off-guard. To be on the safe side, make sure you carry both light and heavy clothing just in case the weather changes unexpectedly.

Hong Kong People are Fashionable

The people of Hong Kong are known for having incredible tastes when it comes to fashion. You don’t have to look out of place because you can join others in the shopping malls and buy yourself all kinds of fashionable clothes. The Malls sell unique bags, accessories and even clothes you’ve never seen.

Most of the shopping malls in Hong Kong operate 24 hours.  Although they serve a large number of customers hence getting inside can become a problem.  Plan to get there as early as possible so that you can get the opportunity to buy everything you needTherefore, for excellent deals at most of these malls, you need to get their very early to secure best body wear.

Hong Kong Airport is Far from the City.

If you’re planning to go to the airport, you better start your journey early because it’s going to be a long drive. You might miss the flight not only because of the distance but also because you have to go through long security checks that usually last for 1-2 hours.

This should not be a spoiler though because the airports are surrounded with some of the best hotels for accommodation. Transport to and from airstrip is also convenient as you can have ubers and other taxis pick and drop you off.

Make your journey to and from Hong Kong a perfect one with early flight bookings, hotel booking at the airport, early preparation of everything.