5 of the best bicycle routes in the UK

Clean air, dashing views of nature, birds singing and much, much more awaits outside the traffic noise of the city and these are not the only advantages of taking your bike outside for a ride. It is beneficial for both physical and spiritual health. Connecting with nature encourages focusing on your inner strength. And, there are hardly more appealing tours than those in the UK. Here are suggested 5 most attractive bicycle routes as for the beginners, as for the experts. No matter the difficulty, always remember to equip yourself with the proper cycling clothing!
The most popular of all the bike tours online is the Thames Valley route. It starts in London and ends in Oxford (or the other way round). The tour is not challenging and the distance is quite short, barely 100 miles (about 160 km). The route is strictly connected to the river, therefore, throughout the whole trip, there is a calming sound of the river accompanying. Additionally, there are roughly any hills or rises.
The other tour, also not demanding, is the one in the East Anglia. The tour covers the distance of 160 miles (about 280 km) with the beginning in Fakenham and ending in Harwich. The terrain is less flat, yet still pleasant. If you get tired or simply want to catch your breath, there are refreshing camping sites where you can drop your bicycle clothing and have a picnic.
The more challenging of the bicycle routes is the one from Whitehaven to Newcastle (Ireland to northern England (113 miles/ 182 km). Choosing this tour you better be prepared with your cycling clothes as there is more than one country to cross!
The two last cycle routes are most difficult out of these 5. One of them is in Wales, covering the distance from Anglesey to Cardiff (250 miles / 402 km). The challenge here is the climbing and the weather (Marcoo bicycle clothing – an online store where you can get all the bicycle clothing that you need)! The finishing touch would be the astonishing view of Brecon Beacons National Park. The last tour starts in John O’Groats (Scottish Islands!) and finishes in Lands End (South West England). Accomplishing this improbable length (860 miles/1384km!) will grant the most amazing feeling of satisfaction and life achievement.
No matter what your experience is, ability or strength, it is always refreshing and worthy to give the tours a shot, whether it is a simple trip or a life-changing journey. You can gain much more than just being fit. There is the experience of seeing the heart of countries in their nature and their culture.