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4 Tips To Ensure Your Car Engine Is In Top Condition

People usually don’t pay attention to the car engine. You enter the car, the engine makes some noise, and you go on your journey.
However, the car engine is the heart of the car. And it requires your dedication and efforts so that it can remain in the best condition possible. Not only will that allow you to experience a more comfortable and smooth ride, but increase the engine and car’s longevity.
This article will enlist 4 ways in which you can make sure that the engine is in top-notch condition, and thus ensure a comfortable and fast ride.
1) Change Engine Oil Regularly
Engine oil is the most important thing that directly affects your engine performance. It acts as the main lubricant in the car, and should be replaced at every 5000 miles, unless manufacture provides instructions to replace engine oil at other intervals. Engine oil makes sure that your engine performs optimally and doesn’t overheat. If you don’t change it at the right intervals,
2) Change The Fuel Filter
Another thing which carries much importance in the car is the fuel filter. The engine needs fuel to run. Fuel filter, as the name implies, filters the fuel as to avoid any particles or sediments from reaching the fuel tank. Therefore, if it gets dirty and clogged, it may not be able to perform its function in the best manner. You should get it changed, if that happens.
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Another similar tip is to never have very less fuel in the car. Because then the sediments and other particles might start getting into the engine, which can cause problems. As a rule of thumb try to keep at least half of the fuel tank full at most times.
3) Check The Cooling System Often
Another important system you need to consider and take care of, is the cooling system. This is what prevents your engine from overheating. It consists of several parts such as the radiator, thermostat, coolant, etc. to properly work. You need to regularly check if these parts are properly working and get them fixed if they aren’t.
4) Check the Air Filters
Air is one of the essential things a man needs. Without it, you’ll be unable to breathe and subsequently die. Cars also have almost the same desire for air. Because air is what allows the fuel to combust and allow the engine to run. However, there are many dust and dirt particles in the air, which are fortunately caught by the air filter.
However, the air filter can get dirty, and therefore you should regularly check it, and replace it if it gets too dirty.
These were 4 of the most important tips I had regarding keeping the car engine in top-notch condition. If you have some others, please mention them in the comments!