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A Guide to Choosing a Great Spice Binder for Your Kitchen

Kitchen spice grinders easily convert raw seeds and roots into taste enhancers. These grinders come in a wide spectrum of models, including automatic and hand-held grinders. Nonetheless, what grinder model is great for producing the best of flavors? Here, we examine the criteria for picking a great spice grinder:


The spice grinder you buy should match your style. You may choose from several models like electric grinders, which sport a rotating metal blade that crashes material into fine spice particles. To remove the processed spices, you unplug the cord and turn the container upside down before shaking the product out. Another option is the manual crank grinder (also known as spice mill) that has two metal parts that spin in opposite directions to grind ingredients. The motion that grinds spice ingredients in this grinder model requires hand manipulation.

You also have come across the microplane that resembles a cheese grater. This one has either a curved or flat metal featuring slanting teeth for crashing. The device has holes small enough for production of very fine spice powder. To avoid slippage, there’s a handle attached. Easy to recognize around the globe, the mortar and pestle is an ancient way of crushing tiny ingredients. The spice is held in the mortar bowl as the pestle severs as a hummer for crushing the entire spice ingredient into powder or tiny particles. The commonly available mortar/pestle grinders are wooden, ceramic, or marble.

Ease of Use

All spice grinders with the exception of the electric one rely on some kind of human manipulation to process spice ingredients into powder or any other desired particle size. However, manual handling is cumbersome and time wasting. If you’re not patient enough, consider the electric grinder because it’s the most efficient way to convert ingredients into usable spice. In that case, just power up the grinder, put the ingredients, and cover it. The power rotating blades will do the spice processing.

Other Essential Considerations

Stainless steel spice grinders are ideal options where the grinder is able to avoid corrosion on exposure to any crushed spice juices. Such a grinder never rusts, guaranteeing durability of its pulverizing mechanism. Still, you may opt for adjustable spice grinders when you need versatility in terms of the coarseness of your spice grinds. Such grinder types come with dials you can tweak to alter the quality of your spice grinds from fine to bigger particles.

Kitchen spice grinders will certainly enable you to prepare your spices with the any range of ingredients you’d like. A grinder is great if it’s efficient enough in processing your favorite spices. This grinder must last-long and be versatile.

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