LiveaBoard, A Practical Way to Enjoy the Beauty of Koh Similan

Who does not know Koh Similian? Is it something that sounds strange to you? Koh Similan is a beautiful place located close to Phuket. There are many posts on social media shows the beauty of the blue sea gradation in Koh Similian.

To enjoy the beauty of Koh Similian as well as its famous islands on Instagram, you can do try LiveaBoard provided by Manta Queen.

For reservations, you can visit the website at https: // Manta Queen has a variety of ships, range from small, medium, to large.

Here are the benefits if you try LiveaBoard on Koh Similian;

1. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the island

Maybe for the traveler who likes to climb the high mountains or relaxed on the edge of the island and accompanied by the breeze, the moment of sunrise and sunset is beautiful. But what if you enjoy the sun on the island? Of course, it will be an unforgettable sight, right?

2. No need to bother hopping island

Maybe we often think of how to visit the islands in Koh Similian without the need to spend money continuously. This is the advantage when we use Liveaboard. With the price offered, we can visit various islands without needing to drain the contents of the bag. The agreed price will, of course, determine how long you stay on the boat and how many destinations you will go to. Usually, the Liveaboard route will surround Similian Islan, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Surin Island, etc.

3. Don’t worry about running out of food during the trip

If you think that following LiveaBoard will make you starve to death you’re wrong. Like a walking hotel, the price we agreed on before going on a trip includes breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. The menu that is served can be varied, whether it is local food or western. It all depends on the expertise of the chef on the boat in processing food ingredients.

4. Feel the sensation of swaying the waves by sleeping on the boat

Sleeping on a soft and comfortable mattress must have been a common thing for everyone. But have you ever felt sleeping on a ship accompanied by the bright night sky and the gentle breeze coming into the ship? A silent atmosphere will make us comfortable to sleep. Not to mention the wave sway that makes the ship slowly bobbing like a child who was cuddled by his mother. All you heard is the sound of the roaring engine of a power plant that accompanies your night’s sleep

5. Seeing fish between ships

You can get an amazing view with the naked eye, fish in the sea playing under the bow of the ship. Maybe for some people, they will see the fish as a creepy creature. But for water sports enthusiasts, this opportunity will certainly make them want to get as close as possible with the fish and even take pictures of it.