Complete Information About the Maldives You Need to Know

The popularity of the Maldives as a romantic tourist destination is increase. The country located in the southwest of India is even often referred to as one of the tourist destinations that is quite luxurious. Because, to get around the Maldives, you have to provide a lot of money considering there are thousands of islands and dozens of interesting coral islands to explore. Now, before leaving for the Maldives, be sure to book a room at Raffles Maldives online through the official Raffles Maldives website at

The following is a short guide that needs to be taken care of so that your vacation runs safe and comfortable.


For tourists from Southeast Asia who want to visit the Maldives, you don’t need an arrival visa. You can come to Maldives just by showing your passport to the local airport officer. The best time to go to Maldives is around November – April when the dry season arrives.

Prepare local currency for daily needs

To facilitate your holiday activities while in the Maldives, use the local currency for the transaction. You will need the money to buy food and drinks at local restaurants or pay for ferry transportation. Bring enough money because there are not many money changers in the Maldives.

Making sure which island you want to visit

As previously informed, there are more than 1,000 islands that you can find in the Maldives. However, there are only about 200 inhabited islands while only 80 islands can be visited by tourists. Each island usually provided many resorts, in the form of a villa or hotel with a beautiful blue sea view. Male, Biyadhoo, Vaadhoo, and Maafushi are the most visited islands by tourists.

Wirth-tasting choice of local dishes

As an island nation, of course, you can easily find many seafood preparations in restaurants at Maldives. Take it easy, most of the Maldivian community is Muslim so the menus served are halal. Some local food choices that you can taste at affordable prices are roshi, which is thin bread with sunny side up eggs, and masyuni roshi which has a spicy flavor that comes from the mixture of tuna, grated coconut, and chili slices.

Prohibition for tourist while visiting Maldives

Just like other tourist destinations, Maldives also has several rules that must be obeyed by every visitor who comes.

  • First, always use proper clothing and avoid over-sized and exposed mini-sized clothes. If you want to wear a bikini, make sure you are on a private beach that is specific to do sunbathing.
  • Second, avoid buying and consuming alcohol outside lodging.
  • Third, you are not allowed to making out in public places for you who come with a partner to the Maldives.

As a side note, the majority of the Maldivian community communicates in the Dhivehi language. Whereas, people who can speak English fluently is quite limited. For that, it is recommended that you go to the Maldives with a tour or travel group to make it easier while doing communication.

Have a good vacation!