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Rethink Wedding Photography: Three Styles to Consider

Couples know how important it is to capture the right pictures on their special day, which is one reason they are not afraid to spend good money on a photographer. This is especially true now because many people have phones who might misrepresent your wedding. Still, there are a few photographic styles to consider before you choose a photographer that should help capture what you envisioned.

1. Traditional Shoot

This is the style of photography that most people know, which is sometimes called classic. Most people recognize this style as it has been the go-to style for ages.

It is relatively staged, so most pictures looked planned, which is one reason people love this look. The poses are tried and true, which also makes this style pretty safe. Those who do not want to worry much about style should just choose this one since it the one most people expect …


The Best Advice for New Scuba Divers

Congratulations on being a new and certified scuba diver. However, there is still a lot you need to learn. Here are a few things to remember as a certified diver from tips by a PADI instructor to recommended scuba diving courses.

• Improving Air Consumption

If you’re looking to improve your air consumption, you can log more dives. It’s normal to hog a lot of air when you’re excited for your first dive. However, with more dives, your air consumption will improve considerably. Once you become comfortable with your gear, you will become buoyant and you can stop hogging a lot of air.

• Pace Yourself

You need to go slow and pace yourself accordingly. Start by adding air to your buoyancy control (BC) in small parts. Wait a while to see how the increased air will contribute to your buoyancy. You can add a few puffs, take some …